Plane Crashes into Peritus Office

Date: April 27
Time: 21:00
Location: 200 South Fifth Street, Louisville Kentucky 40202
Operator: LMPD (joint taskforce with the USAF)
AC Type: T-28D Trojan BNF
Reg: TL-628
cn: —
Aboard: 1
Fatalities: 0
Ground: 0
Route: 6th to 5th along Market Street
Details: The details of the crash are unknown, as the flight recorder was unable to be located. Peritus employees arrived on the scene early on the morning of April 28 to find the wreckage scattered across their 4th floor balcony. The pilot appeared to have deployed his parachute and was found near the scene. The plane itself appears to be beyond repair, but the pilot was quick to re-enter the cockpit and attempt maintenance (and a photo-op). If anyone has information pertaining to the owner of this craft, please contact Peritus at (502) 292-4039. If you ARE the owner and would like to view the wreckage, please have proof of ownership ready.

Plane Crash, forward viewPlane Crash, side view

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