Skeletons (sneak-peek)

Skeleton Sneak PeekHere’s a sneak peek of a personal project I started tonight: two skeletons facing one another while wearing sweaters. I expect the full project to be done by December 10th, so you won’t have to wait long to see where this is going.

My initial thoughts: I’m not sure what to do with the male skeleton’s hands just yet; I like them behind him, but how to pose that I’m not sure. There are other small nuances here and there. And finally, I’m not sure the female skeleton really needs the impression of boobs under her sweater, I think I may take those away and maybe try a low-cut neckline or something to reinforce the femininity there.

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  1. Interesting start-off. I am not sure that the femininity of the female skeleton will be as easy to discern without female anatomical additions (ie. boobs). The pose is decidedly feminine with the foot in the air behind, she’s looking up at the other person almost like going for a kiss, but those alone don’t scream female, just hint at it. Perhaps if she were wearing a skirt, but that kind of misses the whole “in sweaters” thing. I’m not sure a lowered neckline will be enough, but without seeing it, it’d be hard to say that for certain.

    Just my thoughts on the start-off so far.


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