Three years ago, the company I worked for joined a softball league and named the team the Peritus Piranhas. Being part of the Creative Department, we decided that there should also be a logo. Though we never ended up using the final logo anywhere other than social media promotion, it was a fun exercise. Here is a sample of the development process I went through on the project.

Peritus Piranhas. Initial sketches.

One of the first sketches I did for the logo. Note the ‘P’ from the company logo included as markings on the side.

Peritus Piranhas. Initial sketches.

Starting to get a little more stylized with the design, but still trying to maintain a connection to the company logo by staying within a circle.

Peritus Piranhas. Initial sketches.

A sketch that reflected the current trend of highly stylized, agressive logos. Overlooked anatomical accuracy in favor of the perception of sleak, fast, and strong.

Peritus Piranhas. Revised sketch.

After initial feedback concerning the serious nature of the earlier sketches, this version used the same mark style, but was intended to be more cartoon like.

Peritus Piranhas. Final submission, alternative 2.

One of the first sketches taken to final. Reflecting the strong, highly stylized, look of modern sports logos.

Peritus Piranhas. Final submission, alternative 1.

Partially reflecting the current trend of highly stylized, agressive logos, this version also maintained a more easily understood connection to it’s namesake, unlike the more elongated versions.

Peritus Piranhas. Final submission.

The final submission was a sleak, modern, stylized version of a piranha that could be incorporated with other elements — such as the diamond shape in the background, sport specific items, and typography — and made to fit for a variety of applications.