'Truth' an ambigram by Zachary Selter (2012)

Ambigram: Truth

I move in and out of toying with ambigrams ever so often. I was first introduced to the art form through John Langdon’s book Wordplay, which has some really nice examples if you’re curious for more. I highly recommend at least checking out his site. Ambigrams as a design choice seem to have settled into a sort of sub-genre in tattoo design, and I think they could see more popularity with the recent rise of expressive, hand drawn typography. I haven’t tried my hand at creating one in a while, but I drew up this piece a few years ago and had it hanging in my office for a while as a sort of constant ‘reminder’ to stay true to oneself and to the work.

  1. Can I buy this image? I want to make a shirt! Thanks!

    • Do you want to make a shirt for personal use (ie: a single shirt) or for profit (ie: multiple copies)?
      Because I’m going to go on record here and say that I’m probably against selling the design to you for profit (never say no, but we’d have to negotiate).


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