• Academy of Preachers

    I worked with the Academy of Preachers for several years and had the opportunity to work on all variety of materials. They needed a little of everything: ads, window clings, promotional give-aways, t-shirts, media backdrop, websites and social media.
    The primary focus for the Academy every year was the National Festival they put on for young preachers. Among the numerous collateral materials for each year’s event I would also develop a lengthy document that acted as event program and annual report that included brief bios on 100+ young preachers, event scheduling, articles on the past year’s events, and advertisements for both the Academy itself and it’s numerous sponsors and partners.

  • Crave the Hot Sauce

    Approached by GMG Enterprises, a local ‘mom & pop’ developer, to help them brand a line of hot sauce they have perfected over the course of several years.

    Together we crafted a unique mark to set their brand apart from competitors, and are in the process of finalizing the overall label, as well as getting them ready for launch across social media and in the marketplace.

  • Equine Feed Oat Project

    Over the course of Peritus’ relationship with the Prairie Oat Growers Association we have produced a range of collateral materials for them. Beginning with the design of a logo for their advocacy group, Equine Feed Oat Project, and ranging from informational booklets and cards to promotional items and tradeshow booths. Our goal being to promote oats as the healthy, natural choice for horse feed. To encourage that perception we focused on using natural, recycled, materials when possible and clean white alternatives when necessary. One project that was particularly fun to work on was a simple invitation we were able to develop using letterpress services of Hound Dog Press.

  • Family & Children’s Place

    Family & Children’s Place came to Peritus in need of updated materials and help promoting their organization in the Louisville area. Using their pre-existing logo we developed a deeper brand identity designed to reflect the innocence of those they aim to help as well as the seriousness of the issues they face. This was accomplished by use of professional photography (with a focus on capturing expressions of ambiguity) and strong sans-serif on a background pattern that at first might be seen as simple enough, but upon closer look reflects the powerful statistics that form the foundation of Family & Children’s Place’s mission. This theme was used on everything from simple media handouts and social networking, to fundraising brochures and city-wide advertisements for their annual event: The Caper as well as an ad campaign promoting April as Child Abuse Prevention Month that was posted around town on billboards and bus shelters.

  • A Forward Woman

    Designed for a local jewelry designer as a way for her to stand out from competitors, both online at in person. The design is meant to easily show what the logo is for, even without the tagline; as the only things truly represented in the logo are an anonymous woman (every woman), a necklace, earrings,  clothing, and of course the name.


  • Fleur-De-Lis Torch

    Originally designed as a logo to represent civic leadership in Louisville, whose city symbol is the fleur-de-lis.

  • Double G Farms

    Designed for a local farm who wanted their handmade products to stand out at market. Their name is reflective of the fact that the two brothers own adjacent land they work together.