• Legacy Trail

    This project was to create initial posters and advertisements highlighting the Legacy trail, a 9-mile path that was developed and ultimately opened in September of 2010. My concept for the overall designs was a focus on motion, to reference the actions taken on the future path, as well as allow for the same basic design to cater to the needs of the group throughout the stages of getting the path planned, designed, and built.

  • Equine Feed Oat Project

    Over the course of Peritus’ relationship with the Prairie Oat Growers Association we have produced a range of collateral materials for them. Beginning with the design of a logo for their advocacy group, Equine Feed Oat Project, and ranging from informational booklets and cards to promotional items and tradeshow booths. Our goal being to promote oats as the healthy, natural choice for horse feed. To encourage that perception we focused on using natural, recycled, materials when possible and clean white alternatives when necessary. One project that was particularly fun to work on was a simple invitation we were able to develop using letterpress services of Hound Dog Press.

  • Don’t Worry, You’re Awesome

    As a holiday gift I put together a mix of music focusing both on artists I personally enjoyed as well as songs that fit the general theme of ‘being happy.’ To house this mix I developed a simple package that was easily constructed in small batches by hand. The layout of the design incorporated the mix’s working title, ‘Don’t Worry’ into a two-part message which was revealed upon opening. Upon initial inspection the cover states: Don’t Worry, Be Happy (in reference to a song that did not make it on the album), but when opened the flap reveals a more direct complimentary message: Don’t Worry, You’re Awesome. The project was my way of letting people know I appreciated their impact on my lives and in the world.

  • Salvation Army

    I was tasked with developing a brochure to promote the Salvation Army’s fundraising campaign. The design had to be noticeable, easy to read, and inexpensive. Using a simple design with broad flat colors and two varnishes we were able to make the end result interesting while keeping the overall cost of production down.

    Following the successful design of the brochure, The Salvation Army approached Peritus to develop an ad campaign to further their fundraising efforts. Our solution was a series of public billboards and posters, along with a partnership with local coffee shops to display table tents and stickers urging people to donate.

  • 50th Anniversary Wine Bottles

    This was a set of wine bottles I was commissioned to design for a couple’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

    A focal point of the design was the negative space created by the label which created the shape of a stylized heart on the back side of each bottle.

  • Louisville Marriott Downtown

    The Marriott tasked Peritus with creating advertisements, to be displayed in the Marriott’s ground-level picture windows, promoting the Bourbon & Bluegrass event at BLU as well as the ‘Free Lunch’ promotion offered by Champions, their in-house restaurants. The resulting designs shared enough similarities to work in tandem while maintaining the unique personality of each establishment. Also note the hand-drawn ampersand used in the Bourbon & Bluegrass promotion which takes cues from the musical treble clef.

  • Family & Children’s Place

    Family & Children’s Place came to Peritus in need of updated materials and help promoting their organization in the Louisville area. Using their pre-existing logo we developed a deeper brand identity designed to reflect the innocence of those they aim to help as well as the seriousness of the issues they face. This was accomplished by use of professional photography (with a focus on capturing expressions of ambiguity) and strong sans-serif on a background pattern that at first might be seen as simple enough, but upon closer look reflects the powerful statistics that form the foundation of Family & Children’s Place’s mission. This theme was used on everything from simple media handouts and social networking, to fundraising brochures and city-wide advertisements for their annual event: The Caper as well as an ad campaign promoting April as Child Abuse Prevention Month that was posted around town on billboards and bus shelters.

  • UofL Foundation, Annual Reports

    The University of Louisville Foundation once again approached Peritus to help produce their annual report. One of my favorite aspects of this project was the layout of the financial data, and even more so the development of unique approach to displaying a series of statistics the Foundation wanted to highlight in the opening of the report.

    Design for the University of Louisville Foundation’s 2009 Annual Report was built off the title ‘On the Right Path.’ I developed a unique design which utilized a literal path that flowed and continued throughout the book which acted as a frame for the report’s images. Once finalized the design was carried over to the supplemental Financial and Investment Report which was available as a digital download from the Foundation’s website, as well as in printed ads that coincided with the report’s release.

  • Colon Cancer Prevention Project

    The Colon Cancer Prevention Project, returned to Peritus for their 2008, 2009, and 2010 (not shown) Annual Report. As a not-for-profit, the Project was very interested in keeping costs down on the Annual Report so that they could provide further funding towards their mission. With that in mind, the design for this annual report was aimed at being as simple, clear, and concise as possible; focusing on graphics over photos, as the Project had a limited supply of usable photography.