• SOPA, PIPA, and the Inability to Share Music

    So, yesterday was eventful, right? Parts of the internet ‘blacked out’ when people, businesses, and organizations shut down or otherwise altered their website viewing experience in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). Google kept it simple, donning black in protest, but after Wikipedia closed off it’s site Twitter exploded as students everywhere realized they no longer knew where the library was or how to find the reference section, and common outlets for distraction couldn’t be counted on either as they too were blacked out for 24 hours. I won’t bother pointing out all the reasons and arguments against these two bills (or argue in favor of them) as the information is all across the internet right now, but I will go on record and say that I oppose SOPA and I oppose PIPA. was censored for January 18, was censored for January 18, 2012My post yesterday was ironically well-timed as one of the main reasons I had not posted it sooner was because I was hoping to find a simple and safe means of allowing you to actually listen to the music without infringing on copyright laws. If I were to post tracks, and offer them for download even though they were not mine to give, I could be reprimanded, and rightly so. But the issue many people have with this bill is the vague way in which it is written. If someone were to post links in the comments as a misguided attempt to help, many people fear that the vague way that SOPA is worded would allow the government (or the entertainment industry) to effectively shut my entire site down. So, in the end I put the responsibility on someone else and resorted to using Spotify, even though it requires registration and doesn’t actually offer all the tracks I used. I would love to find a safe way to host music on my site, so if anyone has a suggestion for doing so, sound off in the comments.

  • Happy Holidays

    Happy HolidaysNow that I’ve gotten confirmation that the first physical cards have started arriving in people’s mailboxes I wanted to share the holiday card I designed this year (at right).

    What you see here was the cover (edited for online), while the interior has the text:

    During this season of hurried shoppers and last minute gift wrapping, we just wanted to remind you:
    mistletoe is poisonous
    and should only be used to steal kisses, not as a substitute for cranberries.

    Please be safe this holiday season.

    In case anyone has the same sort of morbid sense of humor I do,  I’ve created a generalized version for you download as a print-ready PDF (2011 Holiday Card) and a desktop background sized for the iMac I currently use at work (2011 Holiday Background 2560×1440). If there is any interest in a smaller size let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do — though my schedule between now and Christmas is limited.

    Happy Holidays everyone!