2011 LGDA 100 Show Award - BronzeLast night I attended the Louisville Graphic Design Association’s Annual 100 Show, a competition that awards the top 100 pieces of design from the region. There are five categories including Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Interactive Media and Motion Design, and three guest judges (typically from out of the area).

Anyway, I won a Bronze last night for my 2010 Holiday Wine Bottles. The design is similar to the 50th Anniversary Wine Bottles from my portfolio. In full disclosure, the 50th Anniversary bottles are the third such design I’ve done using negative space as a focal point on a bottle label. The first design was done as an internal award given during our company retreat in 2010. On those, the negative space was a large numeral 1. That design was so well liked by the company leaders that I was asked to revisit the concept for a second time for the holiday gift we sent clients – hence the 2010 Holiday Wine Bottles, which use an evergreen tree as the negative space.

Out of the three, I actually think the Holiday bottles were my least favorite design. I loved the strong typographic characteristics of the original design, and though I was stumped for a while concerning how to handle the negative space, I ended up quite happy with the Anniversary design, and feel that the heart is subtle, and yet still powerful enough as a visual wrap.

Regardless, I am happy to be so honored by the LGDA. Thank you.