I like to do good deeds.

I may not always be the best at it — I might tell the guy on the corner I don’t have any change before I take the time to actually check, and I don’t volunteer for community services nearly as much as I arguably should, but we don’t always have to be the absolute best at something to make a difference.

This February, my colleagues and I will be participating in Bowl for Kids Sake 2011 which helps support Big Brothers Big Sisters: whose mission is “to help children reach their potential through one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth.”

Personally, I grew up with some pretty good role models in my life — a grandfather who was a fair man, one you could count on to deliberate over things before rendering his verdict, and a deacon in his church; an uncle who would gladly give you the shirt off his back if you truly needed it (however cliché that may sound); a grandmother who loved her family and was a light for all who knew her, always ready to offer food, drink, and a willing ear whenever anyone stopped by regardless of what she might have going on at the time; and many others — whose legacies I only hope I can live up to.

Unfortunately, not every one is as blessed as I might have been, and sometimes they could use a steadying force to help them through the adversity of growing up. This is where Big Brothers Big Sisters steps in, and while they just might be the best at what they do, they can’t do it alone. So check your pockets for spare change — or for those feeling more generous, check your wallet for some extra bills — and do a good deed by helping me raise money for a good cause.

Peritus Piranhas
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