Today, I attended a workshop sponsored by the Louisville Graphic Design Association today entitled Beginning Calligraphy for Designers. It seemed prudent to practice a technique, on the rise in popularity, with someone more knowledgable than myself on the matter (Connie Newbanks). Overall, the workshop was shorter than I wanted and not as in-depth as I would like to get, though this was to be expected given it was a single event lasting only a few hours. Nonetheless, there is always something nice about leaving the computer and using your hands, as the workshop promo suggested.

Take a step out of the digital world and join us for a hands-on calligraphy workshop taught by Connie Newbanks. Connie was recently selected by Strathmore Paper as a featured artist. She will be instructing us on using techniques in embellishing and extreme contrast.

Calligraphy practice using a piece of cardboard and a twig.