It has been almost two months now but Aaron Draplin, of Draplin Design Co., visited Louisville back in May to talk to us and relay tall tales from a large man.’ It was a good talk that I’m glad I was able to attend, as he had several things to say that were good for me to hear in that moment. In the end, after the applause, he opened up for questions. Unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t think of any to ask (though I was sure I had forgotten something thought of during his presentation). Luckily, Draplin is, by all accounts and evidence, a very good natured, approachable, and friendly fellow who was happy to respond to an email I later sent his way regarding questions that came to me as I drove home that night. I can’t share that with you here, but I will say that my second attempt at asking a designer their favorite color went much better than my previous attempt.

Our answer:


…was there much doubt?
DDC vs. Louisville. Image borrowed from the LGDADDC visits Louisville. Image borrowed from the LGDA.


Thank you Aaron, for talking with all of us and for taking the time to answer my email and sharing your thoughts with me.