A look back at my desk from senior year of college at Kansas City Art Institute. That was a good time, and a good space; a lot of late nights and creative binges happened there.

Looking at their website, it doesn’t look like they still use those desks (or even exist in the same building anymore), and all the professors are different than when I was there. I wonder what the space looks like today, where those desks are, and who has possibly sat there and created since I was there. It feels like a long time since I was there (I moved away from Kansas City shortly after graduation) and I sometimes miss the atmosphere that develops in such an environment—with like minded people working to better their skills for the enjoyment of it more than to make a paycheck. Not to say that my new environment isn’t proving to be just as exciting and enriching as that as, but the memories from KCAI will always be dear to me.